Today MikeyD got verified!

Today MikeyD got verified at his Special School! What does that even mean?  For the first few months, MikeyD has undergone assessments at school for his cognitive abilities as well as physical abilities. All kids that enter the school need to be verified for ID (intellectual disability).  As MikeyD’s physical disability goes hand in hand […]

Another life lesson learned the hard way – going off track!

This week we have started the process of pre-surgery testing.  It is overwhelming, mind blowing and scary.  Despite the fact we have been gearing ourselves up for this, doesn’t make it any easier! I was taken a bit off guard when my heart broke a little bit the other day as I watched my eldest […]

What are the chances of lightning striking twice?

What are the chances, that you will find someone who is walking down a very similar path to you, at the exact same time as you are?  Facing fears, deliberating on issues that to other people, don’t even enter their minds as the rarity of the situation is so extreme that you even struggle to […]

Being Grateful is a Daily Practice!

Don’t worry, it’s not easy to be grateful all of the time.  It takes time and practice.  In fact, it is only human if at times we look at the glass and see it as half empty.  It is difficult in this fast pace world to think that we need nothing more to be bigger, do […]

It’s all sunshine and sandcastles over here! The comment from a stranger that made me look at things differently.

People say – think positively, and it will all work out.  If only it were that simple!  But yes, I try and take opportunities and run with them, and at times I try and ignore the ignorant comments (but again, that’s easier said than done).  I only have to jump into a forum and see […]