The elephant in the room.

At times it can be hard for me to keep smiling.  Oh yes, I'm very good at slapping on a fake smile - aren't we all?  It's easy in this fast pace world to fake it, til we make it, but that's not really healthy for our mental health in the long run, is it?  Sooner … Continue reading The elephant in the room.

Today MikeyD got verified!

Today MikeyD got verified at his Special School! What does that even mean?  For the first few months, MikeyD has undergone assessments at school for his cognitive abilities as well as physical abilities. All kids that enter the school need to be verified for ID (intellectual disability).  As MikeyD's physical disability goes hand in hand … Continue reading Today MikeyD got verified!

Being Grateful is a Daily Practice!

Don't worry, it's not easy to be grateful all of the time.  It takes time and practice.  In fact, it is only human if at times we look at the glass and see it as half empty.  It is difficult in this fast pace world to think that we need nothing more to be bigger, do … Continue reading Being Grateful is a Daily Practice!

Soldier Down

Today in Australia it is ANZAC Day.  April 25th is a national day of remembrance whereby we remember the men and women who fought for this great country in honour of the freedom we have today.  We thank them for the country we live in - one where we have options that wouldn't be possible, … Continue reading Soldier Down