It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It really is!  😉 I have had a little read tonight on posts gone by, and this time last year I was most upset with who I was keeping company with!  No one in particular, it was just some experiences with the whole debacle of trying to keep one foot in this world and one [...]


The internet can be a great place, it's where families connect, friendships reconnect and friendships are formed. It's where parents of children who have rare syndromes and disabilities can find understanding and compassion by others that are facing similar situations to themselves. It is hard enough to parent a child with a disability in the [...]

It could be worse.

Four words most parents of children with disabilities get fed up of hearing. With every right, too. 'It could be worse' Who decides for us what is enough, what we need and what we should be grateful for? I only had to prove in the past 7 years, repeating myself over and over again, that [...]

Ever get the feeling you are living 2 lives?

Do you ever feel that sometimes you live two lives? I do. Just the thought of living 2 lives is tiring.   Some days I barely feel I’m doing a good job in this one, how could I live a 2nd one?! It’s only recently that I’ve really thought about this - that it's like i'm [...]

Conversations with a nonverbal child

Mikey is quite the chatterbox, yet for all intents and purposes he is still labeled 'as non verbal'.  I guess when it comes to the technical definition of verbalisation, he is unable to express himself the way a typical person can.  Instead, he uses a combination of single words, gestures, sign language and PECs. The [...]

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