Conversations with a nonverbal child

Mikey is quite the chatterbox, yet for all intents and purposes he is still labeled 'as non verbal'.  I guess when it comes to the technical definition of verbalisation, he is unable to express himself the way a typical person can.  Instead, he uses a combination of single words, gestures, sign language and PECs. The … Continue reading Conversations with a nonverbal child

February Post for Rare Disease Day!

This week we received the long-awaited news at Mikey Danger’s hemispherectomy post-op check-up – 7 months to the day, that we’ve been longing to here….. You no longer need to see me -  come again in 12 months! These were the words from our neurologist who we have been in a close relationship with for … Continue reading February Post for Rare Disease Day!

A different kind of Christmas!

We are about to experience a different kind of Christmas this year - our first Christmas without seizures! It’s been about 5 years since when looming up to Christmas I haven’t been full of anxiety with the anticipation on whether our little Danger would be having a hospital trip, recovering from a cluster of seizures … Continue reading A different kind of Christmas!