I’m having a midlife crisis – but it ain’t no pity party!

Ok, so I have decided that if I’m going to have a mid-life crisis, then this might just as well be it.  Or it could just be instead ‘a mid-life awakening amongst a state of crisis induced moments?!’  Either way, I’m not getting a boob job, they are far too expensive.

So what’s this all about then?  This 10 Feet Tall business?

  1. Firstly, I have wanted to bring wider attention to HHE for a while now – in fact, for about the past 3.5 years!, in some type of web page format – I just never quite had the ‘ah hah’ moment until, quite literally, a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been following a few blogs for about 12 months now (a couple of different ones, regarding various topics);
  2. Secondly, after the trolley petition of last year (yes, there are those trolleys again!), it got me thinking about other ways that things need to change to encourage inclusion in our community.  I read a lot of negative stuff, hear a lot of negative stuff on the news, it’s all there, but surely, there is some good stuff going on.  And you know what?  There really is.  If there was ever a ‘good time’ to be in a shit-storm, then I’d rather be in this era, right now.  We have great researchers, doctors and medical professionals fighting the good fight. They are doing incredible things with research and medical science and we are extremely fortunate to have Prof. Ingrid Scheffer on our team – as do a lot of families with children with rare and aggressive forms of epilepsy;
  3. Thirdly, 10 Feet Tall is not just about our experience as a family but it’s about yours too.  What’s it like to be a brother, sister, Grandparent, Aunty, Uncle, cousin or friend of a 10 Feet Tall Kid?  Remember, when you support us, you boost us up and together, we are 10 FEET TALL.
  4. And lastly, 10 Feet Tall is an attitude our kids have – all our kids have.  Let’s celebrate it, in every shape, colour and form!

**Pic is of me with my cousin Scotty – who is a TFT’er supporter – he took me to the Madonna concert in Brisvegas earlier this year in March, which was one of  the best moments of my life.  If this is my ‘mid-life crisis’, I’m loving it!   

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