10 Feet Tall – Jordan Carroll

jordanGuys, please read Jordan’s story – it’s just amazing. Jordan is legally blind due to a brain tumour. His dream is to make the 2020 Paralympics.

The Paralympic Dream

With the knowledge that he would soon lose 100% of his sight, Jordan decided to take in as much as he could of the world before it was too late. He started skiing in 2014, before medalling at the Special Olympics. Due to his athletic achievements Jordan was put on a talent list with the goal of representing Australia in the 2018 Winter Paralympics. His family funded a trip for him
to train in Canada in 2015 to enhance his chances of making the team.

The Desire To Work

Jordan’s story touched me because he was not looking for handouts, instead he wanted to find a job to fund his dream but as is the case for 90% of people with disabilities, no-one was willing to give him a job. Jordan has participated in unpaid work for experience and enlisted the assistance of a disability employment agency but after twelve months not one potential employer will even meet with Jordan.Jordan is great with technology, particularly Apple products. He loves showing people the accessibility apps and features in all Apple products.

Jordan says “I personally hate the term disabled. The disability does not effect the ability we all have to offer””

One thought on “10 Feet Tall – Jordan Carroll

  1. Jordan, you’ve been blessed with athleticism and great courage. Never give up! One day you will find the opportunity you have been working so hard for. If I had a job to offer, I wouldn’t hesitate to offer it to someone just like you. You have so much to give. All the best for your goal of making the Paralympics.


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